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A Novel Microcoring Technology for Scarless Skin Removal: Summary of Three Prospective Clinical Trials

We introduce an innovative and novel technology that achieves scarless skin removal without the use of thermal energy. Microcoring technology (MCT) uses a modified, hollow hypodermic needle to remove skin safely and without a scar. This menthod is advantageous compared to other fractional devices, given that it has the same benefits as energy-based devices (removal of skin cores without a scar, with the added value of immediate closure along the relaxed skin tension lines, with significantly less thermal energy.

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Micro-fractional, directional skin tightening: A porcine model

Skin changes among the most visible signs of aging. Fractional ablative lasers improve skin quality by making small skin wounds that heal rapidly without scarring. While they improve skin texture and discoloration, there is minimal effect on skin laxity. This study was performed to assess skin shrinkage performed by removing multiple small full-thickness skin columns with coring needles combined with wound closure.

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Micro-Mechanical Fractional Skin Rejuvenation

The most commonly performed skin rejuvenation procedure, laser resurfacing, is associated with adverse events and significant expense. The authors have developed a novel device that uses micro-coring needles to remove tissue in a fractional pattern and avoid the side effects of laser therapy. The authors compare the efficacy of these needles to standard needles in a pig model.

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